EduOpenings: Elevating Access in the Educator Labor Force

The previous three years have yielded unimaginable vacancies, shortages, and a multitude of barriers for pre-service teachers, current educators, and administrators. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that 44% of public schools in the United States have full and part-time vacancies. 

“Public schools report they are struggling with a variety of staffing issues, including widespread vacancies and a lack of prospective teachers. These issues are disrupting school operations. Schools have resorted to using more teachers as well as non-teaching staff outside of their intended duties, increasing class sizes, sharing teachers and staff with other schools, and curtailing student transportation due to staff shortages. Schools continue to face meaningful challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

NCES Commissioner Peggy G. Carr

These prominent shortages have forced schools, school districts, and post-secondary institutions to reevaluate and pivot to ensure their organization can maintain high levels of care, rigor, and support for teachers, staff, and students.

Since the launch of EduOpenings, the platform has grown to support the field of education during this moment of rapid transition by enabling ease and accessibility for recruiting top talent, posting vacant positions, and helping job seekers find their next opportunity quickly. A year from launch (November 2021), EduOpenings has experienced exponential growth in mobile app downloads (iOS and Google Play) and user interactions via the web. Over 883 job-seekers, 207 hiring parties, and 51 service providers are engaging with the EduOpenings interface to post positions, provide freelance work, or find your next employment opportunity.

Cofounder Dr. Howard E. Fields, III, and I firmly believe the most fantastic accolade our start-up has received is knowing that countless people have found employment on our site, which is incredibly diverse by gender, age, and race. In addition, EduOpenings has expanded to include over 1020 jobs posted from across the Midwest, California, New York, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Florida, Utah, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. An idea between cofounders turned into an avenue for authentic representation and access to employment opportunities through convenience. Having the ability to view jobs, receive mobile notifications, and quickly share and respond to vacancies is unmatched by our competitors. EduOpenings provides an edge to the job market by incorporating audio and video capability for job seekers (employee) and employer profiles. 

Since the launch of EduOpenings, the site has remained free for hiring parties to post their vacant positions. If organizations want to increase the exposure of their job posting, EduOpenings allows for heightened reach across multiple social media platforms. The latest update incorporates access to recruiters to all job seekers, their resumes, profiles, and screener interviews.

This startup began with two St.Louisans with an idea to help our profession during a dark period and emerge out of bleak hiring seasons. Dr. Howard E. Fields, III, and I witnessed students needing teachers, bus drivers, custodians, teacher assistants, and mentors due to widening gaps in education. The journey humbles us, and EduOpenings will continue to show great promise. As you read this blog post, EduOpenings is invited to participate in the SXSW EDU Launch Competition in Austin, Texas. This opportunity is an incredible milestone for the company, and the team is excited to share the platform with the world!

Dr. Darryl S. Diggs, Jr.

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