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A Month in Reflection – The December 2021 Update:

Black educators develop mobile app to find education jobs | STLPR


We have so much to celebrate, acknowledge, and communicate at the writing of this updated blog post. Over a month ago, two strangers (Dr. Howard Fields, III, and Dr. Darryl Diggs, Jr.) turned cofounders revealed an idea to support and uplift Educators on November 1st, 2021. This venture quickly gained momentum throughout the midwest region and across the country. It is exciting to see an idea turn into a prototype and then a product accessed by hundreds in a short amount of time. The intrigue and lure of EduOpenings are that users can download the app (iOS and Google Play), quickly create a profile and go! Employees (job seekers) see jobs posted daily via notifications and on the EduOpenings social media pages. Employers are now “master recruiters” to search the site for candidates and invite them to apply for their postings. In the past month, small businesses, professional developers, speakers, presenters, and freelancers, found a home to branch out with their services and expertise. 

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With December coming to a close, EduOpenings will update in January 2022 and then another in February 2022. Both updates will fix minor bugs, reduce redundancies, and expand the capabilities of the human connection. Currently, users can give their first impression and record screener interviews via audio and video. The February 2022 release will take EduOpenings up a notch! 

EduOpenings will post positions from the site onto Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter as we move forward. In addition, our users will receive updates on school districts that have posted positions or services on the site. Plus, the EduOpenings community will see that the platform is accessed by a diverse base of users worldwide.

Not to sound cliche, but the best is yet to come!

To be part of the community, download the app, visit, or follow EduOpenings on social media.

Darryl Diggs

Posted on October 29, 2021

Throughout my life, I have found myself intersecting with the field of Education and its impact on my development for the last 38 years. After living overseas, within the inner city of St. Louis, and experiencing a wide range of scenarios in the states. From the historic Benjamin Banneker School (Colored School No. 5), to a small private predominantly Black school, then several public schools. I experienced the gamut. My family is packed FULL of educators, and needless to say; their development came through formal Education and life experiences. I feel fortunate to be a sponge to their life lessons and forward-thinking. My mother, sister, cousins, aunts, and my wife are all in the field of Education in some capacity, and for the past 15 years, I have dove into teaching and learning, and with each passing day, I dive deeper. 

Of course, without Education, the world would be a pretty boring place with no doctors or engineers or even teachers. Education facilitates our ability to learn new things, which in turn allows us to solve problems, reach goals and live better lives all around – it is extremely important and insanely valuable!

 With Education growing at the speed of light, the needs/demands of this work on teachers are second to none. The schoolhouse has evolved with the advancement of technology as well as society’s need for trained individuals in certain areas of work. 

In this day and age, society is looking for “things” to make nuisance processes easier and accessible. For example, educators are always looking for ways to “do more, quicker, and positively impact their students.” Educators are looking for ways to find professional development that is timely and speaks directly to the needs of the moment and for the vision of their students. Educators have the heavyweight of carrying the aspirations and developing the potential of young people and future/current educators. 

Within a few short days, an idea will be officially released to the public that will expand our ability as educators to post positions, find professional development, and allow for freelance opportunities. On November 1st, 2021, a concept which originally started on a scratch piece of paper in 2020, will very soon be our greatest gift to Education. EduOpenings is a web-based platform that allows for EVERY current and future educator, school district, and post-secondary institution to find, connect and develop.

As I write this blog, EduOpenings has received incredible feedback and has already begun facilitating the interaction between those looking for job seekers and those looking for work in Education. Currently, we are experiencing massive vacancies in classrooms, support positions, bus drivers, and throughout colleges and universities. Now, we can be master recruiters of human capital. Plus, with the web platform and mobile app, EduOpenings creates the ease of applying for positions in minutes instead of hours, days, or weekends. 

An appreciation for my teachers at a young age manifested into a career of creating positive learning environments for students and teachers. Now, with the support and visionary leadership of my co-founder, Dr. Howard E. Fields, III., we are having the official launch of our passion project. This project was developed to bridge the gaps between employers, job seekers, and small businesses. 

When I close my eyes and imagine where Fields and I have been, I slowly open my eyes, knowing our late nights will benefit so many people for years to come. Take a moment and download the app on Google Play or iTunes App store and create a profile today. 

Educators…this one’s for you.

Dr. Darryl S. Diggs, Jr.

PLEASE visit EduOpenings cofounder, Dr. Howard E. Fields, III

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