An Open Letter

This was a speech given to the Senior Class during their evening of reflection and achievement. During this evening, our school took a moment to address the long standing tradition of exchange. These were my words introducing the ceremony.

I have had the fortunate opportunity to be in a position to fully understand how vast and complex our world is and yet countless times I have witnessed our community wrap itself around the spirit of humanity by opening their doors with open arms. Time and time again, the our community has opened their homes and their hearts to encompass the lives of young people who are bright, curious, passionate and incredible brave. For over 20 years our host families have partnered with many different foreign exchange organizations to accept travelers from around the world in our classrooms, hallways, sports teams and performing groups. Once we were strangers now we are family. Your presence is not only for your growth but ours as well. As this school year comes to an end, our connection together is life long. My encouragement to our Seniors, is to take advantage of your world and connect with it. Add to it and make it better. Invest in others, just like our exchange students left their homes, and invested in us.


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