Racial Justice Challenge Day 9

I have seen this test several times with different types of objects, dolls, and different aged children. While it doesn’t surprise me that some black children will identify a lighter complexion or white doll is more appealing or “not ugly”. Plus, the bias within older kids is so strong, that their younger peers have no hope…because they will have a similar thought process for stereotypes. I appreciate the coverage of the information, different levels of questions and the use of biracial children. Unfortunately, the majority of the children used in the study, devalue themselves and others because of skin color. My sons are biracial. I am Black and my wife is Black and Korean. My children are part of the statistic.

While reading a children’s book, I asked my 5 year old a few questions. Inside the book were pictures of several different kids of all genders and ethnicities. My son picked out all the kids who were the lightest skin tone to befriend. I asked why, and he didn’t know why. This made me sad. Does he not like the skin he is in? Has he already devalued himself and thinking he is “less than”? Our family has many different shades of skin tones and our family is diverse with culture.

I took this as an opportunity to read him more books with kids that look like him. This is important because forming and understanding ones own identity comes by seeing, hearing and READING!


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