Racial Justice Challenge Day 4

What percentage of the day are you able to be with people of your own racial identity? Describe a time, if applicable, where you were the only person of your racial identity group (or one of very few) present.  What did you notice? Feel?

Great question. Although not easy to answer, because I find this question complex. When I first began teaching, I was the only African American teacher at a neighboring middle school. Although the Principal was African American, it was “just the two of us” (que the music). After five years in this setting, I was able to move into the high school ranks. Now, I am an administrator with a teacher and staff population close to 200 people. Now, approximately 3% of the adults in the high school are people of color. With the increase in people of color, I still find myself spending more time with people who are not my racial identity. Whether the time spent is in meetings, sporting events, extracurricular situations, etc. I am still predominantly in settings where I am the lone minority. Immediately, I notice if someone is present that looks like me or another person of color. Then, I have several thoughts and a range of emotions…”I see you.”


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