A Fight

As we get older, we tend to change, evolve and either transition into something we worked hard to become or tried really hard to stay away from. I posted a picture of Michael Jordan on my Instagram and Twitter accounts, and the picture was of Michael Jordan fighting for a rebound underneath the basketball goal. It goes without saying, that Michael Jordan is a Hall of Fame basketball player and the model of supreme talent on the basketball court. In that picture, I thought about the moments in my life when I was in competition with either myself or other people. Personally, I think competition is a good thing. Knowing that “life is a game of inches” (Al Pacino), any move in the “competition” can greatly effect our outcomes. Especially, if we do nothing! In the picture, Michael Jordan was fierce in his pursuit for the ball while he was defended by multiple players. In my post, I asked if we were giving the same effort as the basketball players in the picture.

This is a picture of Michael Jordan in his first championship fight against Magic Johnson. Jordan was relentless in his fight to beat a legend and a legendary basketball team. The Bulls won the series and this supreme effort was the foundation of their longevity.

NBA Finals 90-91

This is a picture of the same man battling for this last championship. If you know Michael Jordan’s story, through the highs and the lows, he chose to give more to his team, his community and to himself.

NBA Finals 1998

I leave you with this…are you fighting? Are you giving all you have to elevate your team? If it is the first year in your profession, or the last…are you giving your whole self to a cause so great that lives will change?

Keep pushing. Keep fighting. I’ll see you at work! (Denzel Washington)

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