The Open Water Book


The Open Water is Dr. Diggs’ debut book that chronicles a journey through leadership and triathlon. The pages speak directly to the necessary elements of perseverance, perspective, and faith.

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Are you sparring with difficult and occasionally complex perspectives within communities that need your leadership? Are you struggling to maintain balance while leading your stakeholders during troubling times? If you are an educator, leader, or triathlete? This book is for you.

In The Open Water, educator and triathlete Dr. Darryl S. Diggs, Jr., presents life lessons that can be found in the unlikeliest of places. Through endurance sports and school leadership, Dr. Diggs has learned that the trials of our personal and professional lives will intersect when we can push ourselves to the edge of our perceived limits. There, success can be found.

Diggs uses his experiences in triathlon to articulate the most significant challenge in the sport of triathlon for novice athletes. Amid political tension and pandemics, the greatest barrier in school leadership is both fear and perception. When navigating the open water of inequity and systemic change, we will never fully understand the unknown depths of oppression and isolation.



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